Developing and executing strategic plans to achieve specific goals and objectives for different brands, such as increasing awareness, loyalty, or sales.

Ad Creatives

Creating engaging and target group persuasive ads for various media and platforms, such as video, social, or web for performance marketing.

Social Media Strategy

Planning and implementing effective ways to use social media channels to reach, engage, and grow an online community for different brands.

Art Direction

Creating the visual style and mood for various projects, such as ads, campaigns, or products, using elements such as color, typography, and layout.

Sales Pitch

Crafting and presenting compelling stories to convince potential customers of the value and benefits of products or services.

Spec Ad

Producing hypothetical ads of random brands to showcase the skills and style as a designer or agency,


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Meet and preserve your creative thoughts on modern-world advertising and the art of storytelling with a community of like-minded individuals. A creative storyteller and brand strategist could generate interesting narratives that promote the brand and connect with the audience. They understand how to share and maintain value on new-age social media platforms.